Lindsey as a kid.



You know what we all needed in middle school? A personal stylist. Someone to say, "Put down the sun-in. Fluorescent colors are for reflective devices only. And for the love of everything, if the question is whether or not to perm, the answer is heck no."

You need that nudge of truth in middle school because, in all of your awkward 13-year-old wisdom, you have a vision of what you could look like... but no idea how to actually get there.

That's basically my entire job as a graphic designer. 

Here's the thing: Your ideas are already awesome. But, just like all of our middle school selves, they need some help moving from a good idea to a beautiful reality.

That's where I come in. I want to She's All That your next project. Using years of experience, intuitive listening, creative problem solving skills, and a healthy dose of whimsy, I want to give your idea all the confidence and polish it needs to become exactly what you dreamed it could be.

Or, hopefully, something even better.